quadrant Shower Enclosure, Easy Fit Tray, 900x900mm

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quadrant Shower Enclosure, Easy Fit Tray, 900x900mm

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Quadrant Shower Enclosure | EastFit Tray Included | BathEmpire

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A smooth, elegant enclosure, designed to make the most of your space.

Featuring a gentle curve, this quadrant shower enclosure has an elegant, minimalist design. The enclosure features quality hinges which guarantee an easy release, long lasting entrance. What is more, frame is enhanced with magnetic strip technology which seals the enclosure - ensuring to keep your bathroom free of leaks and a place of perfection. The reversible nature of the enclosure provides the option of installation on the left or right hand side, and a 10 year warranty comes as standard.

Key Features:
  • 5mm tempered safety glass.
  • Sturdy aluminium frame with a high polish finish.
  • Chrome plated metal handles.
  • Twin sliding doors open out from centre.
  • 20mm frame adjustment to suit out-of-line walls.
  • Quiet sliding doors with cushioned magnetic seals strips.
  • Fully waterproof - thoroughly tested to prevent leaks.
  • Supplied with rust resistant, stainless steel screws and chrome dome caps.
  • The enclosure which meets BS6202 standard.
  • 10 year guarantee for your peace of mind.
  • Please note:This item does include a tray.

  • Width = 900mm
  • Depth = 900mm
  • Height = 1800mm
  • Width of door opening = 480mm

"NoNo More Leaks

After you have just enjoyed a shower, the last thing you will want to do is clean the bathroom floor.

So why is it that some enclosures insist on letting water spill out?

Because at BathEmpire we know your time is precious, we want you to enjoy your new shower, then get on with your day.

That is why this enclosure has been fitted with the best quality magnetic strips we could find, ensuring a water tight seal.

For your further peace of mind, this enclosure has been put through and passed our multiple water proof test.

"UnevenUneven Floors & Walls? No Problem

OK. So in a perfect world all houses would have been built with level walls and floors.

Since this is rarely the case, you will be glad to know that your new shower enclosure has a few tricks to get around this problem.

The door frame allows for 20mm adjustment. Where as before you would need to fill any gaps with a tube worth of sealant, your new shower enclosure will allow you to achieve a seamless fit.

"ThoroughlyThoroughly Tested

5 enclosures are randomly picked out of every batch of 300 for waterproof testing. These are then assembled from scratch, the shower is turned on and monitoring for leaks begins.

Because the magnetic strips on your new enclosure are the best on the market, we are yet to find a fault.

The quality of this shower enclosure is also very dependent on the door runs.

To be sure these do not fail you, they are put through their paces in the factory. A machine repeatably opens and closes the doors for a whopping 100,000 times!

"ChromeMirror Finish

Not all chrome is the same.

Just like our other products, the handles and frame on this shower enclosure have been coated in 40 microns of chrome. Allowing for a highly reflective, mirror finish.

How do you tell the difference between poor chrome and great chrome? Place your finger on the chrome. On poor chrome your finger print will leave a mark, on great chrome you will be able to rub your finger print off.

The 40 microns of chrome on this enclosure means it easily passes the finger print test.

"LongLong Lasting

You will be so impressed with the quality of your new shower enclosure that you will want it to keep it looking this good.

Because the doors are made of 5mm Safety Glass, the frame and handles are coated in 40 microns of chrome, we can confidently offer you an industry leading 10 year guarantee.

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