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Kitchen Radiators

Despite being home to your stove, microwave, range, aga and/or oven, your kitchen is still a place that will require heat once the calendar flips over to the colder months. That is where our range of top class kitchen radiators comes in.

Representing both style and function, our kitchen radiators are formed of low carbon steel, which provides unsurpassed strength allied to solid corrosion resistance. This combination of materials guarantees you longevity, meaning you will get more than your money's worth out of our kitchen radiators.

Kitchen Radiators - Design

Our kitchen radiators come in an absolutely vast range of styles. We have vertical and horizontal models of all dimensions, to fit your room, while we add further variety through our different panel setups. We have double and triple-panel units, which feature round, oval and flat tubes. The latter is particularly effective for contemporary kitchen radiators.

Our kitchen radiators also come in finishes across the spectrum, from gloss whites and blacks, to muted anthracite, up to you gorgeously shimmering chrome plating.


To further increase your options, these radiators also come in thermostatic and electric-powered models, with the opportunity to go dual fuel with the addition of an element to standard kitchen radiators.

Warranty - Kitchen Radiators

Each and every unit in our range is covered by our standard 10 year warranty - given free of charge - whenever you buy from us. This means no need to go to your pocket for the purposes of repairing or replacing faulty kitchen radiators, as we take care of that unlikely scenario for you.

BathEmpire Guarantees

Order now online or over the phone to get Free or Next Day Delivery on your kitchen radiators. Call our dedicated Customer Care team on our free phone lines here to deal with any product or payment enquiry you may have. We are available 7 days a week at 8:30am-9pm Monday-Thursday, 8:30am-5:30pm Friday and 9am-5:30pm at the weekends for your convenience. When you buy radiators from BathEmpire, you receive a huge 10 Year Warranty for your peace of mind. Look no further for your perfect kitchen radiators!