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What are ceramic discs?

Ceramic discs are here to put an end to madding drips in your:

No more drips

Back in the bad old days, all taps and showers used to use rubber washers to prevent dripping. This worked well, until the rubber started to crack and the dripping returned.

Ceramic discs beat rubber washers hands down because, like the Duracell bunny, they keep going long after your old washer has ran out.

Simply put, ceramic discs do not wear out.

Easy to turn off

Taps with rubber washers close by screwing the head into the body. That's why as the rubber starts to wear out, you find yourself screwing the tap tighter and tighter to get the thing to stop.

With ceramic discs, all that is required is a 1/4 turn of your tap or shower and your water will stop instantly.

No more straining after you've washed. All unnecessary efforts will be a thing of the past.

More details

If you would like more details on ceramic discs, please contact a member of our team.