Sipi Mixer Shower - Thermostatic Kit with 195mm Square Head & Hand Held

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Sipi Mixer Shower - Thermostatic Kit with 195mm Square Head & Hand Held

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Thermostatic  8'' Square Handheld | Mixer Shower Sipi | BathEmpire

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Mixer Shower Kit Key Features
  • Chrome plated solid brass.
  • Laser printed dial.
  • All components use British standard fittings.
  • Latest ceramic disc technology.
  • Thermostatic control.
  • Anti-scalding device set at 38 degree. Can be overridden from the temperature control.
  • The shower head is on a swivel connection, so you can tilt it for about 15 degrees
  • Features easy-to-clean rubber jets
  • Top dial turns the water on and controls the flow of the water from the fixed shower head
  • Middle dial allows you to set the water temperature from 20 - 50 deg C.
  • Bottom dial turns the water on and controls the flow of the water from the hand held head

This Mixer Shower kit includes the following:
  • Concealed 2 way thermostatic shower mixer - chrome plated solid brass.
  • 8" (200mm) square shower head - chrome plated solid brass.
  • Wall mounted shower arm - chrome plated solid brass.
  • Hand held shower head - chrome plated solid brass.
  • Wall connector and bracket - chrome effect.
  • 1.5 metre flexible shower hose - rust resistant 304 stainless steel.


Why is it that when you get a spare 10 minutes to have a really relaxing shower someone decides that is the right time to fill the kitchen sink for the dishes? Transforming your luxurious warm shower into a game of 'how long can I endure the freezing water?'

Well, that horrendous experience will soon be a distant memory with this thermostatic shower.

Because this shower is thermostatic, the water will remain constant, at the temperature you set.

Should some pesky saboteur attempt to disrupt your sensational shower experience, the worst you will suffer is a drop in pressure.

"8No More Drips

Knowing the sound of dripping water can be used as a form of torture came as no surprise to us. This teeth clenching sound should not be allowed to poison the tranquility of your bathroom.

Because most showers drip when the rubber washers have started to wear out, we have taken the rubber washers out of our showers!

Instead, this shower features the latest in ceramic disc technology.

All that is required is a 1/4 turn of your shower control and the ceramic discs will close, forming an impenetrable seal. A 1/4 turn in the other direction and the water will be able to flow freely again.

Just think about how much time you will save now you no longer need to conjure all your strength to stop that maddening drip.

"SolidLong Lasting

You will be so impressed with the quality of this shower that you will want it to keep it looking this good.

To ensure it's longevity this shower is made out of solid brass.

Since brass does not corrode in water you will be able to enjoy a flawless shower experience for many years to come.

"ChromeMirror Finish

Not all chrome is the same.

This shower mixer has been coated in 40 microns of chrome. Allowing for a highly reflective, mirror finish.

How do you tell the difference between poor chrome and great chrome? Place your finger on the chrome. On poor chrome your finger print will leave a mark, on great chrome you will be able to rub your finger print off.

The 40 microns of chrome on this shower means it easily passes the finger print test.

Will it work in my bathroom?

For this thermostatic shower to operate correctly, your water system will need to produce at least 0.2 Bar of pressure.

This can be achieved if you have one of the following:
  • Gravity fed system with a pump, where the water tank is in the attic
  • Combination (combi) boiler systems
  • Pumped hot water systems
  • Un-vented hot water systems
  • Standard pressurised hot water cylinder type systems

Guarantees:This product has a 10 year warranty
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