quadrant shower enclosure, easy fit tray 800x800

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quadrant shower enclosure, easy fit tray 800x800

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Quadrant shower enclosure 800x800 with next day delivery. Bath Empire

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10 Year Warranty6mm Safety Glass14 Day Money Back GuaranteeMirror Finish

Your personal retreat. Close the door, for 10 minutes of heavenly shower time.

Quadrant Shower Enclosure Key Features
  • 10 year guarantee for your peace of mind
  • FREE high-flow shower waste included, with 1 metre flex pipe, worth £25
  • 6mm tempered safety glass
  • Aluminium frame with a high polish polish
  • Mirror finish 40 micron chrome plated metal handles
  • Twin sliding doors with cushioned magnetic seal strips
  • Easy Plumb heavy duty acrylic resin shower tray with height adjustable feet
  • 20mm frame adjustment to fill out-of-line walls
  • Quiet sliding doors
  • Fully waterproof tested
  • Supplied with rust resistant, stainless steel screws and chrome dome caps
  • A wealth of spare parts for this enclosure are on hand, should you need them in years to come


No More LeaksNo More Leaks

After you have just enjoyed a shower, the last thing you will want to do is clean the bathroom floor.

So why is it that some enclosures insist on letting water spill out?

Because at BathEmpire we know your time is precious, we want you to enjoy your new shower, then get on with your day.

That is why this enclosure has been fitted with the best quality magnetic strips we could find, ensuring a water tight seal. The door frame has been designed specifically for a perfect fit onto the Easy Plumb tray, preventing water from leaking out and stopping dirt from getting in.

For your further peace of mind, this enclosure has been put through and passed our multiple water proof test.

Uneven Floors & Walls? No ProblemUneven Floors & Walls? No Problem

OK. So in a perfect world all houses would have been built with level walls and floors.

Since this is rarely the case, you will be glad to know that your new shower enclosure has a few tricks to get around this problem.

The Easy Plumb tray features 4 adjustable feet. So with a few simple turns you can achieve a perfectly level base, no matter how uneven your floor is.

The door frame even allows for 20mm adjustment. Where as before you would need to fill any gaps with a tube worth of sealant, your new shower enclosure will allow you to achieve a seamless fit.

Easy Plumb TrayEasy Plumb Tray

You will love the Easy Plumb trays because it will save you money.

The alternative is a Slimline tray, but these cannot be used on concrete floors. Also, your plumber will need to remove some of your floor boards to fit the waste pipe, which will add to their bill. In addition you will not get the height adjustment, so if your walls are not on a true right angle with the floor, you will have a lot of filling to do when you get to the top.

The Easy Plumb tray is fantastic, because it solves all of these problems.

It is a dream to fit and will sit on any surface. It's feet are adjustable, ensuring you get the angles right. You can even fit the waste pipe under the tray, so there is need to disturb your floor boards.

Thoroughly TestedThoroughly Tested

5 enclosures are randomly picked out of every batch of 300 for waterproof testing. These are then assembled from scratch, the shower is turned on and monitoring for leaks begins.

Because the magnetic strips on your new enclosure are the best on the market, we are yet to find a fault.

The quality of this shower enclosure is also very dependent on the door runs.

To be sure these do not fail you, they are put through their paces in the factory. A machine repeatably opens and closes the doors for a whopping 100,000 times!

Chrome PlatedMirror Finish

Not all chrome is the same.

Just like our other products, the handles and frame on this shower enclosure have been coated in 40 microns of chrome. Allowing for a highly reflective, mirror finish.

How do you tell the difference between poor chrome and great chrome? Place your finger on the chrome. On poor chrome your finger print will leave a mark, on great chrome you will be able to rub your finger print off.

The 40 microns of chrome on this enclosure means it easily passes the finger print test.

Long LastingLong Lasting

You will be so impressed with the quality of your new shower enclosure that you will want it to keep it looking this good.

Because the doors are made of 6mm safety glass, the frame and handles are coated in 40 microns of chrome and the Easy Plumb tray is made from heavy duty resin, we can confidently offer you an industry leading 10 year guarantee.

Guarantees:This product has a 10 year warranty
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